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Genres: Drama , Comedy , Romance
Actors: Clark Gable , Jean Harlow , Lionel Barrymore , Frank Morgan , Walter Pidgeon , Una Merkel , Cliff Edwards , George Zucco , Jonathan Hale , Hattie McDaniel , Frankie Darro , Henry Stone , Pat West
Director: Jack Conway
Country: United States
Year: 1937
IMDB Rating: 6.4/10 (581 votes)

Carol Clayton is the daughter of a horse breeder at Saratoga. Though engaged to wealthy Hartley Madison, and disgusted by bookie Duke Bradley, her father owes Bradley a lot of money and Bradley takes a shine to her.

Film Review

For me, this is a very interesting film for several reasons.First, it is Clark Gable not long before GWTW. And clearly, Gable is at the peak of his career.I love seeing Lionel Barrymore without a wheelchair. Although it was during the shooting of this film that he fell and re-broke his hip, resulting him being in a wheelchair for most of a decade.And, of course, Jean Harlow died before the film was completed, with a double portraying her in some scenes. Personally, I've never been impressed by Harlow, and I'm not here, either. It's very obvious which scenes toward the end of the film were shot after Harlow's death.So, historically, it's an interesting piece of film history.In terms of plot, the Harlow character is the daughter of a horse breeder at Saratoga. She becomes engaged to Walter Pidgeon, a rich pigeon in the eyes of Gable. Harlow's father, who dies early on in the film, owed Gable gambling money and gives him his breeding farm. Gable falls for Ha…

With the really A-List cast, you want this movie to be better than it is. Yet is it better than you expect. Why is that? The cast as there is no doubt here about Gable in this one.Based on a play, this movie sold a lot of tickets in New York when it was released because of the time and generation it was released in, plus New York was the biggest market then. For the greatest generation, Horse Racing and Saratoga were magic. Every August, the old tradition still goes on today. But then, Saratoga was a pilgrimage every August for folks who loved racing.The old track there and the August meetings were a magic atmosphere. Ironically, Hollywood already had the tradition of filming in other places and creating their own world. Most of this film was not done in Saratoga. What was being sold was the most magical track to racing fans then, and this cast.Even though Harlow died during filming, having Clark Gable as a nice bookie at the old Saratoga Raceway sold a lot of tickets in the 1930&#x27…

This film is famous for being known as the film Jean Harlow was working on when she died suddenly, and was replaced for long shots, back of head shots and side shots by a stand-in. The material they have of Harlow is wonderful, but sadly, it noticeably changes 3/4 way through the film.The story is about an American girl (Harlow) coming back from Europe with a hoity toity British accent (like Ginger Rogers did in several films) engaged to race track enthusiast Walter Pidgeon but slowly falling in love with bookie Clark Gable whom she initially can't stand. Gable held a note from her late father (Otto Kruger) for gambling debts, so Harlow initially resents him. But Gable & Harlow are TNT, and Pidgeon, here in the unfortunate Ralph Bellamy role, can't win. Frank Morgan plays "Harriet Hale", the cold-cream queen, whose wife (Una Merkel) is a flirtatious "old acquaintance" of Gable's. He begins to think there's hanky panky going on between the t…